Mission Statement

The purpose of the Social Justice Ministry is to create systemic change within the greater Lewisville community in areas of education, policing, racial equity, and voting, and to educate the members of Westside and engage them to participate in the civic process.


Added March 2021

Lewisville ISD School Board Election.
The upcoming May 1, 2021 election is important, is our largest race this season, and covers over 7 cities. Your vote in that election is important. To be sure your vote is an informed one, the Social Justice Ministry encourages you to learn about the candidates and their stances on various issues before election day by clicking on the links below. GO VOTE!

Early voting will start April 19th through 27th, Election Day May 1, 2001. Find your poling place at Denton County Voters: votedenton.com.


Lewisville ISD School District Information



Place 2
Sheila Taylor

Allison Lassahn

2021 Municipal Elections in Denton County Information

  • Vote by Mail
    • NOTE: Vote By Mail applications are good for only one year. If you want to vote by mail for 2021, you must submit another application.
    • The application can be found online at https://www.votedenton.com/upcoming-election-information/ under “Request a Mail Ballot,” or call Denton County Elections at 940-349-3200 and ask them to mail you an application.
  • Voting Information
    • Early voting for LISD and municipalities: April 19th – April 27th.
    • Election Day: May 1, 2021
      • FYI: We have an African American female candidate running to be on the LISD School Board.

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“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”
(Micah 6:8)


Develop a civic engagement program that engages the Westside congregation to become a seat of influence that reaches beyond the church and creates substantial and lasting change on the municipal, county, state and national levels.


We are a group of WBC member who are concerned with the issues plaguing our communities. We are seeking to empower and develop leaders within our congregation to address economic and racial injustice.

WBC has organized a Social Justice Team for greater works and to strengthen the life of our congregation. Faith-based community organizing is a belief in the potential for transformation – of people, institutions, and our larger culture. Social Justice is a systematic approach to addressing the root causes of social problems.

There are many paths to a more just world, and faith-based community organizing is one of them. Other paths include direct service, in which people respond to the immediate and often urgent physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others. Another path is advocacy or activism, where people act and to speak on behalf of others who are suffering from great injustices and social ills.

Our focus is to address the social issues that are currently impacting our communities. We have targeted 5 key areas of concern and they are listed below.

  • Education
  • Policing and Incarceration
  • Economic Development
  • Immigration
  • Voting

We will meet the 1st Thursday of each month from 6:30pm – 8pm in Room 1117 beginning January 2020.

You can help WBC Social Justice by finding your area of interest and join the movement. We are looking to build small teams of 4-5 people to focus on specific issues to help us move forward. You can solicit your ministry groups to partner with us to make change. You can attend Faith in Texas Organization workshop for free training. WE NEED EACH OTHER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Leadership Team

  • Jackie Shaw

    Servant Leader


Email socialjusticeteam@wbcchurch.org for more information.