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Guardians (Class #1), Rooms  1117/1118: II Timothy 2:3-6, 15 and II Timothy 4:1-8
Teachers: Dea. Charles Hoskins, Dea. Kelvin Land, Sis. Debra Sidberry

Disciple-Makers (Class #2), Rm. 2127: Matthew 28:18-20
Teachers: Sis. Andrea Bryant, Bro. Richard Bryant and Bro. Jamie Primm

Redwoods (Class #3), Rm. 2126: Psalm 1
Teachers: Min. Jai McIver, Bro. Randall Campbell and Sis. Grace Carleton

Transformers (Class #4), Rm. 2125: Romans 12:2
Teachers: Dea. John Thompson, Dea. Freddie Jackson

Alive at Five (Class #5), previously Rm. 2124, temporarily Rms. 2136/2137): Awaiting scripture
Teachers: Denise Evans-Jackson, Dea. David Mitchell

Crusaders for Christ (Class #6), Rm. 2126: Acts 1:8
Teachers: Dea. Mark Wilcox

Spirit Empowered (Class #7),  Rm. 2122: Spirit Empowered, Galatians 5:22-26
Teachers: Dea. Toronto Spikes, Dea. Lester Robinson, Dea. Jimmie Prince and Sis. Gail Prince

CEOs/Christians Encouraging Others (Class #8), Rm. 2120: Isaiah 41:10 and Psalm 55:22
Teachers: Sis. Marie Marshall, Sis. Annie Partee, Bro. Devon English and Dea. Ted McClenon
Re-entry Decision: Will continue off campus on Zoom

Living for Christ (Class #10), Rm. 2121: Awaiting scripture
Teachers: Dea. Leroy Petteway, Sis. Alarice Vann, Sis. Cyndi Rogers, Bro. Steve Young

Ambassadors for Christ (Class #11), Rm. 2128: II Cor. 5:20
Teachers: Bro. James Mardis, Bro. Chris Talley and Sis. Rozelda Swan

The Vineyard (Class #15), Rm. 2117: Luke 13:6-9
Teachers: Dea. Willie Scales, Dea. James Odoms, Bro. Humphrey Bowie

The Royal Family (Class #16), Rm. ? (Unassigned): 1 Peter 2:9
Teachers: Not applicable

The Truth (Class #17), Rm. 2116: John 14:16
Teachers: Dea. Christian Moore, Dea. Leon Potter and Min. Jude Gilbert

M.O.S.A.I.C./Making Our Souls Alive in Christ (Class #18), Rm. 2102/2103: I Cor. 12:12
Teachers: Sis. Marian Hicks, Bro. Branon Gilbert

Kingdom Seekers (Class #22), Rm. 2109: Matthew 6:33-34
Teachers: Min. Robert Sheets

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