Senior Pastor 
Dr. Delvin Atchison

Dr. Delvin Atchison is the beloved Senior Pastor of Westside Baptist Church in Lewisville, Texas. He formerly served as Director of the Great Commission Team for Texas Baptists. Dr. Atchison began preaching God’s word at an early age and has always recognized the importance of cultivating his God given gifts to preach and share God’s word with the world. He pursued undergraduate study at the University of Texas in Austin and earned his Master of Divinity with honors from George W. Truett Seminary at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Pastor Atchison’s studies have taken him all over the world having studied at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University in England, under the tutelage of his mentor and friend, Dr. Joel Gregory. He also traveled to Italy to study at the Vatican in Rome.

For over 40 years Dr. Atchison has impacted thousands using his gift of preaching and teaching through written words and powerful oration. His sermons have been published in numerous periodicals including Epitome, The Groves Standard, and the Truett Pulpit, with contributions made to Christianity Today, Common Call and Baptist Voice, just to name a few. He has presented at numerous conferences worldwide. Dr. Atchison is passionate about equipping pastors and preachers to spread the gospel more effectively through his support of mentoring and coaching programs and has been privileged to guide the journeys of countless numbers of those called to spread God’s word throughout the world.  His major body of work centers around an expository preaching and exegetical sermon preparation methodology which he shares in “Page to Pulpit” seminars. 

Delvin Atchison’s personal life has focused on family and showing love for others. He grew up in Hearn, Texas as the fifth of six siblings.  He is blessed to be married to his lovely wife, Dr. Brenda Atchison.  Together they have five children and are proud grandparents to two beloved grandchildren. Pastor Atchison’s vision for life and ministry is to Serve God by Sharing Christ and Loving People.

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