Veterans Ministry (VETS)

Veterans Empowered To Serve

ABOUT WBC Veterans (VETS) Ministry

Mission Statement

To show God’s love through service and provide spiritual support to active duty members, fellow veterans and their families. To help build stronger Christian relationships among veterans and surrounding communities by partnering with other WBC ministries for in-reach and out-reach opportunities.

Our Purpose

The ministry members are WBC military active duty members and veterans (including family members) who serve or have honorably served this nation in one of the following branches: Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Space Force.

  • To promote Christian veteran fellowship.
  • To share valuable information with fellow veterans.
  • To celebrate our common military experiences.


Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month (currently meeting by Zoom). Please contact us at if you would like a zoom invitation to a VETS meeting.

During the meetings, we will:
• Discuss and share information that may benefit the veteran community
• Acknowledge and promote celebrations of various military holidays

Visiting Speakers & Meeting Topics for 2022 will include:

  • A Place for Mom (Housing Program for Veterans)
  • Homeless Veterans Burial Program
  • Memorials & Community Service
  • Encouragement for active duty service members and mentoring opportunities
  • National Call Center for Homeless Veterans
  • Veterans Cemetery Administration
  • Veterans Crisis Line
  • Veterans Disability Program


“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go”
Joshua 1:9

Hero of the Quarter

MSgt McShan


Greeting’s Westside Family,

First giving honor to GOD, Pastor Atchison, First Lady, and Westside Worldwide. I’m blessed and highly favored to have been selected for this award. Let it be clear, this only happened due to the grace of GOD who allowed me to serve my country in such high regards for 32 years. Please understand that I had many quitting points prior to reaching 32 years of service. I first said that I would part ways with the military at 4 yrs, then it was 6, then 8, then I said I would not go any further than 10 yrs. Thirty-two years later, I’m accepting this award from my Westside Church family, thank GOD!!

I joined Active Duty Army right out of college, stationed in Germany, recruited to play basketball with the USAF European league and traveled the world. I said that to say I never really knew much about the Army because I was with the Air Force guys 7 months out the year.

My 4-year basketball/military venture was coming up for reenlistment, so I decided to join the Air Force Reserves since that was pretty much all that I knew. Being a part of something that long, I have accomplished a lot, experienced a lot, seen a lot, to include being severely stressed out a lot.

I have deployed 8 times to combat zones, and once to Europe in support of a war. Duration of stay on deployments 4 months to 1 year. I have been rewarded and recognized for outstanding accomplishments while deployed on numerous occasions and coined 3 times by Generals. My most notable accomplishment was by the Marine’s 4 Star General Peter Pace, who held the position Joint Chief of Staff.

Thank you, Westside, and my fellow Veterans for another notable moment to add to my list of accomplishments, may GOD be the glory…

MSgt McShan

Useful Links for Veterans

Programs and Activities

Annual WBC Events

  • Memorial Day Recognition of Fallen Heroes: May 29, 2022
  • November 11th Veterans’ Recognition Day: November 13, 2022


Outreach Activities

  • Meals on Wheels- Monthly Inspirational Letters sent to MOWs families
  • Boy Scouts Volunteer Projects for Homeless Veterans
  • Outreach to Boy and Girl Scouts – Share Military Experiences
  • Supports WBC’s Tarrant County Food Bank Distribution/4th Saturdays
  • WBC SHOP- Facilitate and Participate in November SHOP
  • Bereavement Liaison Guide (link)  copy sent via email
  • Seek opportunities to support and participate in WBC Ministries activities- in-reach and out-reach

Leadership Team

  • Willie Scales
  • Doris Scales


To join our ministry or get more information, email us at