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Generations Pastor / Senior Pastor


To manage the overall operation and oversight of the Children/Nursery Ministry at WBC worship center. Primarily Sunday Morning Bible Study & Worship Services, AWANA, and Wednesday Evening Bible Study, in addition to other evening bible studies, rehearsals, and special events requiring childcare.

This includes but is not limited to the following: To assist with the spiritual development of our children from ages 3 years to 6th grade, create/organize curriculum, worship experience, and occasional camps or service projects, supervise staff, implement curriculum, develop parental rapport, maintain timesheets, and keep up to date training, CPR and First Aid, as well as oversee supervision of childcare workers.



A Children’s Ministry Coordinator should have an undergraduate degree or equivalent work experience


Work Experience/Background: Minimum # of years of experience/type of work performed and desired background
A Children’s Ministry Coordinator should have Knowledge of Child Development or a relevant field, at least three (3) years’ experience in a childcare setting and at least 1 year directing a childcare facility (preferred). Experience coordinating administrative tasks and/or activities. Prior supervisory and budgetary experience preferred. (Must be able to provide guidance to volunteers on curriculum and/or teaching tools).



  • Run background checks and process all employees and volunteers through child protection training.
  • Conduct orientation meetings for New Volunteers.
  • Oversee scheduling process to make sure workers are good stewards of their time.
  • Evaluate and document all aspects of each staff member’s job performance, including completion of an annual review.
  • Supply WBC Church Administrator all forms to maintain personnel files on a quarterly basis to ensure files are up-to-date, training certificates, etc.
  • Responsible to discipline workers, by following WBC employee handbook.
  • Recommend termination for employees who have exhausted all other avenues of correction.
  • Maintain a volunteer log, and accountability when a volunteer is absent to fill the position.
  • Conduct Staff meetings on a minimum of a quarterly basis, but gain weekly reports via email, or text of any important, imminent items.
  • Treat all staff members professionally and fairly.
  • Work together to create a team-like atmosphere.



  • Know, understand, and implement worksheet and activity that ensure a biblical foundation while the child is in care.
  • Provide professional supervision of all staff and the implementation of the curriculum, and make sure all workers and volunteers can adequately do a lesson plan and execute it.
  • Place quarterly order for replacement curriculum as well as restock teacher cabinets with supplies.
  • Responsible for writing Themes and Curriculum for Wednesday night that goes with the Pastors Vision and Monthly teachings.
  • Have knowledge of proper nutrition requirements for the ages of children served.
  • Maintain Texas Child Care standards as it relates to safety, ratios and incidents.



  • Ensure safety through proper maintenance of building, grounds and equipment.
  • Document and report possible cases of child abuse or neglect in accordance with State.


Regulations and Company Policies

  • Maintain documentation of any parent discussion regarding behavioral conflicts
  • Maintain confidentiality of children and families.
  • Follow Employee Handbook
  • Maintain effective disciplinary policies throughout the ministry.



  • Provide an annual meeting with parents and calendar of ministry events, to hear feedback and give updates.
  • Act as liaison between Children Department and the parents to promote unity in home, school, and church in the lives of the student.


General Administration

  • Inventory material and supplies monthly and order replacements as scheduled and inform Management of potential exposures, or any hazards.
  • Work to organize new ministries in the department and train volunteers to serve.
  • Maintain confidentiality of children and staff issues.
  • Responsible for Children Church, and Wednesday/Sunday Bible Study
  • Train AWANA students for state competition.
  • Responsible to keep up to date information on website and Information Boards.
  • Organize and process all chaperones for overnight stays and summer camp.



  • Learn and utilize the computer system to execute memos, newsletters, and letters…
  • Learn and utilize software for check-in and out.
  • Develop budget for Children’s Ministries.
  • Responsible to make all deposits for the ministry



  • Have an active prayer life
  • Support the church financially
  • Promote unity among the workers and volunteers

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