W.H.O. Ministry


Nov 11 2023


9:30 am

Vaccine Clinic: Corona Virus & Flu

Sponsors: The W.H.O. Ministry & Denton County
November 11, 2023 at 9:30AM
Westside Baptist Church Assembly Hall

To receive the vaccine(s), complete the eligibility form at

On November 11, 2023, at 9:30AM, the W.H.O. Ministry and Denton County Vaccine Clinic will provide the COVID vaccine (Moderna brand) and flu vaccine to uninsured, underinsured, those on Medicaid, CHIP or insurance not covering these vaccines (based on guidelines below). To sign up, visit

Guidelines to receive the flu/COVID vaccines:

> To receive the vaccine(s): An eligibility form at must be completed.
> For anyone 6 months – 18 years old: Recipient must be uninsured, and/or a recipient of CHIP, Medicaid; or insurance that does not over the flu or COVID.
> To receive the adult flu vaccine: Recipient must be uninsured.
> To receive the adult COVID vaccine: Recipient must be uninsured or has insurance that does not cover the COVID vaccine.
> For recipients younger than 5 years old: Please bring their COVID cards.
> For anyone 5 years old and older: Bringing the COVID cards is not necessary.