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May 01 2021


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Social Justice: Upcoming Election Info

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Upcoming Elections

Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) Candidates 

There are two strong, qualified candidates. Their interviews with Bob Weir of The Cross Timbers Gazette are included. Both candidates did a great job. Please share the links and information with your friends. We need people to get out and vote.


Municipal Elections in Denton County for 2021 Information

  • Vote by Mail
    • NOTE: Vote By Mail applications are good for only one year. If you want to vote by mail for 2021, you must submit another application.
    • The application can be found under “Request a Mail Ballot,” or call Denton County Elections at 940-349-3200 and ask them to mail you an application.
  • Voting Information
    • Early voting for LISD and municipalities: April 19th – April 27th.
    • Election Day: May 1, 2021
      • FYI: We have an African American female candidate running to be on the LISD School Board.
      • Early voting for Municipalities will start April 19th through 27th, Election Day May 1. 2021