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Mission Statement

To prepare each student with the assurety, security and stability which will be used to help our youth to become ready to serve God in the world.

The third stage of spiritual growth in The Pebbles to Living Stones ministry is to become living stones by being the building (our bodies) used by God as holy priests. With Jesus going between us and God, praying continuously as we give up our own will to take on the will of God.

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And you are living stones that God is building into his spiritual template. What’s more, you are his holy priests. Through the mediation of Jesus Christ, you offer spiritual sacrifices that please God.
(1 Peter 2:5)

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Sundays at 9:45am; Wednesdays at 7pm

Assembly Hall: 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sundays
Meeting ID: 843 8692 2167[/li]
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Jai McIver

Generational Pastor[/li]
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