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The MarCom Ministry is responsible for assisting you with all your internal & external communication needs

MarCom Event Request

To ensure a timely and expedient process of your request, please have your registration link, payment link, and/or Zoom link PRIOR to completing the MarCom Event Request form.

    Step 1

    Please complete the form below to process your request for the MarCom Ministry.

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      Warning: If you answer "CHANGE" you will skip to Step 4. However, if this is a NEW REQUEST, your request will be returned.

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    4. Fellowship/Worship ServicesWorkshopConcertConferenceOutreachOther type of event

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      Request Registration and Payment Links BEFORE submitting the form.

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    Step 3

    Event Time
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  • Add Guest Speaker Details
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    1. Add guest speaker attachments: graphic, flyer, biography, Guest photo, etc. (File types: .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .ppt, .psd, .pdf, .docx)

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    1. Attachments
    2. For any documents created for the event, please attach the original file(s) for MarCom approval BEFORE distribution. Some examples that can be attached: graphic, flyer, etc. (File types: .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .ppt, .psd, .pdf, .docx)

    Final Step

    Marketing Options
    1. All marketing requests will have a digital postcard created, and added to the newsletter, social media, announcements, and website. They REQUIRE NO ADDITIONAL COST.

    2. You will be contacted by the Social Media team after your submission.

    3. Please choose the additional channels you want MarCom to market your event. Depending on your choice(s), additional fees may be required. Contact the MarCom Team for current pricing. Banners INSIDE of churchBanners OUTSIDE of churchBrochuresBulletinBusiness cardsChamber of Commerce WebsiteDoor hangersEmail blast internal (Weekly)Event programsFlyers (8.5x11)Postcards - Printed (5x7)Posters - All sizesPublic Service Announcement (PSA)



    For any new events requested, follow the steps below:

    1. Please ensure that your event is in Fellowship One first.
    2. Fill out the Marcom Event Request (referred to as a ticket) per event.


    For modifications to events that have been previously requested please submit your changes or updates directly on the MarCom Request Form. Choose “Change”  under the “New or Change Section” and enter your changes.


    Contact the MarCom Team at if you need further assistance.

    Important Guidelines

    If your ministry has created or would like to create some social media pages, please contact the Church Administrator to protect Westside Baptist Church from any misconduct violations. Also ensure the Church Administrator has Administrator Rights and/or User Name and Passwords to any and all ministry social media pages.

    REMINDER - The Westside Business Meeting is scheduled for February 8th and Discipleship Classes will begin February 15th.