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The MarCom Ministry is responsible for assisting you with all your internal & external communication needs

Congratulations you are on your way to producing an exciting and successful WBC event or ministry that will resonate with your intended audience. We are here to serve you by marketing and communicating your event and/or ministry internally and/or externally based on your needs.

MarCom Request Instructions

Getting Started

If you have already filled out a MarCom form and is currently working with a Project Team, please just submit your changes/updates directly to the MarCom team at marcomteam@wbcchurch.orgPlease do not complete the MarCom Request Form below again for an existing project unless it’s another year.

For any new events requested

1. Please ensure that your event is in ServiceU first.
2. Review the Quick Reference Guide (below) first before you get started to help you step by step.
3. Review all the MarCom Resource Information (below) before filling out the MarCom Request Form (below).

MarComResource Information

Quick Reference "How To" Guides

MarCom Request Form

    Please complete the form below to process your request for the MarCom Ministry.

    Requester Information

    Event Information

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    2. Church members onlyOpen to the public

    3. FellowshipWorkshopConcertConferenceOutreachOther type of event

    4. Westside Virtual EventWBC 900 Campus - Assembly HallWBC 900 Campus - Main SanctuaryWBC 900 Campus - Parking Lot/AwningOther location

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      1. Attachments
      2. For any documents created for the event, please attach the original file(s) for MarCom approval BEFORE distribution. Some examples that can be attached: graphic, flyer, biography, Guest photo, etc. (File types: .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .ppt, .psd, .pdf, .docx)

    Marketing Approach

    1. MarCom offers paid and unpaid marketing promotions. Refer all questions to your MarCom Quarterly Lead for any questions about your selections
    2. .

      Marketing Promotions

    3. All marketing requests will have a digital postcard created, and added to the newsletter, social media, announcements, and website. They REQUIRE NO ADDITIONAL COST.

    4. Do you only need to market your event in the newsletter, social media, announcements and website?

      Please choose the additional channels you want MarCom to market your event.
      Banners INSIDE of churchBanners OUTSIDE of churchBrochuresBulletinBusiness cardsChamber of Commerce WebsiteDoor hangersEmail blast internal (Weekly)Event programsFlyers (8.5x11)Postcards - Printed (5x7)Posters - All sizesPublic Service Announcement (PSA)
      1. Please add your video scriptCLICK HERE to submit a website ticket for your WBC Website request

      1. CLICK HERE to submit a website ticket for your WBC Website request

      Graphic designs are free, but each ministry must pay for their own printing. Please consult the Marketing Deadlines & Pricing Information document for details.

    All fields marked with * are required.


    Contact the appropriate Marketing Quarterly Team Lead (listed below) at if you need further assistance.

    • 1st Qtr 2022: (Jan., Feb. & Mar.) : Jordan Merritt
    • 2nd Qtr 2022: (Apr., May & June): Brandi Jones
    • 3rd Qtr 2022: (July, Aug. & Sept.): Shamecca Jones
    • 4th Qtr 2022: (Oct., Nov. & Dec.): Jude Gilbert

    Important Guidelines

    Please refer to the Servant Leader Guide to review the Website and the Social Media Operating Procedures which states,  “If your ministry has created or would like to create some social media pages, please sign and return the last two pages of the Social Media Operating Procedures to Chester Anderson (the Church Administrator) to protect Westside Baptist Church from any misconduct violations.”

    Also ensure that the following people (Chester Anderson and Brandi Jones) has Administrator Rights and/or User Name and Passwords to any and all ministry social media pages.