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[ministry ministry_name=”Men” ministry_img=”12148″ color=”#571f23″ text=”To support and move forward the mission of Westside Baptist Church while supporting the vision set forth by the pastor. Always willing to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of God’s people.

Jai McIver – Men’s Servant Leader” link=”https://wbcchurch.org/deacon-council/”][ministry ministry_name=”Women” ministry_img=”12143″ color=”#571f23″ text=”The aim and iterative mission of WBC Women’s ministry will be to serve the holistic woman. We are dedicated to glorifying God by touching the hearts of women, encouraging them to open and study their bibles, applying God’s truth to their daily lives and to commit to prayer without ceasing.

Alarice Vann – Women’s Ministry Servant Leader ” link=”https://wbcchurch.org/westside-ministry/in-reach-ministries/womens-ministry/”]

[ministry ministry_name=”Kids & Youth” ministry_img=”12144″ color=”#571f23″ text=”At Westside kids and youth discover Christ in a safe, fun environment. The Pebbles to Living Stones ministry will make sure that all students go through the spiritual growth path, preparing them for service and continued holy living in High School.

Min. Rosalind Spencer – Children’s Pastor
Clarence Fluellen – Youth Servant Leader ” link=”https://wbcchurch.org/westside-ministry/pebbles-to-living-stones/pebbles/”][ministry ministry_name=”Young Adults” ministry_img=”12146″ color=”#571f23″ text=”Our vision is to have a positive impact on the lives of young adults by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and develop a Christian community to do greater works for the kingdom of God.

Reggie Rembert Jr. – Servant Leader” link=”https://wbcchurch.org/westside-ministry/in-reach-ministries/epic-ministry/”]

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The WBC Pastoral Search Committee
is currently seeking candidates for a
Senior Pastor

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Welcome to the Westside Experience!

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