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Alerts from Westside

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Posted Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Starting at noon today (Tuesday), Music City Mall is available as a warming station. The mall is on multiple power circuits and has not experienced a complete outage. The warming center will remain available until at least Thursday.

The only opened entrance will be #5 on the lower level between Macy’s and Zion Market. City crews are treating the driveways, parking lot, and sidewalks near that entrance. Stores inside the mall are not open at this time.

People should bring their own snacks, water, blankets, and other necessities. No weapons, per mall rules. Proper use of face coverings is required to enter or remain inside the mall.

Music City Mall is pet-friendly so pets are welcome but must be on a leash or in a kennel at all times when inside the mall. There will be an outdoor space for pets to relieve themselves and owners are expected to clean up any accidents.

Denton County Transportation Authority is temporarily moving its DCTA Connect bus route 22 stop at the mall to entrance #5 so people can use the bus to reach the warming center. No fare is being charged for transportation to the warming center. Passengers headed to or from the warming center can bring along pets in a kennel or well-behaved larger dogs on a leash.


The City is experiencing an unprecedented water demand due to water breaks at residential and commercial properties. In addition, an outage at a Dallas water plant has reduced the available supply of water in Lewisville. The city is taking emergency measures to maintain water service.

Residents and businesses are urged to aggressively conserve water at this time. No excess or unnecessary water should be used. You should continue to trickle water out of faucets to reduce the chance of additional frozen pipes.

Fire Department and Utility crews are actively working to identify and turn off broken water systems. If you notice leaks at any business or home, please contact 214.673.9809 or 214.673.9129.

Please also turn off all non-essential electronic devices and seek to conserve energy if able.
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